HA! I met Julia Allison, Mary Rambin, and Meghan Asha

Through brief moments of sobriety I’ve managed to hold down a marketing internship for almost a year now.  Well, to be fair it’s not so much an internship as it is emotional prostitution. I work for an internet start-up that hosts online video chats for people all over the world, and my job is to convince real users that I actually enjoy talking them.  Its weird and mildly unethical, but it pays well.  I mean, if I have to let some 45 year old cat lady from Wyoming think we’re having an emotional affair so I can occasionally eat at Le Bateau Ivre then so be it.

Anyways, this morning I was wooing my usual cavalcade of shut-ins when media maven (and butt of a million Gawker jokes) Julia Allison showed up on my screen. I took this screen shot of our session, she was accompanied by Mary Rambin and some hot chick named Meghan Asha.

Apparently they were on my site to promote their site, Nonsociety.  They were kinda bitchy and ended up bailing on their commitment this morning, but none of that really matters because they liked my scarf and said I was cute.


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