If you’re feeling anything like me…

Lately I’ve been feeling a little more manic/anxious than usual.  Not being able to find a job is leaving me embarrassed to ask my father for money.  This whole math ordeal has left me in tears twice a week (I’m not kidding, every tuesday and thursday at 6, I cry a bit).  Also counting down to Coachella/worrying about whether I’m going to be able to make it has made me a wreck too.  But luckily I have been in this state in the past and have become incredibly adept at distracting myself/instilling a sense of schadenfreude in myself.  So if you’re feeling a little crazy, too crazy for your surroundings.  If you’re feeling fearful, fearful of your future.  If you’re feeling broke, too broke to live.  Then let me try and help you get through it, because I’m right there with you…we’re all losing it, it’s like Rent…or St. Elmo’s Fire.  We ARE GOING TO BE OK, just don’t kill yourself or get AIDS.

At least your not this girl:


Or this girl:


If those two videos made you sick, or they didn’t help…then try going to Pandora.com and if you dont have an account MAKE one (it’s the best thing I’ve done since school started) and when you finish with your account.  Make an “Etta James” station, If this doesn’t calm you down…nothing will.

If none of this works, try looking at past Couture collections from John Galliano for Dior on Style.com.  Essentially when I feel crazy I do one of 3 things on the computer:

1. Look at beautiful things

2. Look at terrifying things that make me happy about my situation

3. Talk to people that make me happy. (For you that would be me, so IM me now)

and remember, everything is only for now.  I promise.

2 responses to “If you’re feeling anything like me…

  1. amelia e franklin

    is this weird that im commenting?

    if so, people can suck it, i got bigger problems.

    i know how you feel.
    except i have no one to ask for help, i got the money i have and if i run out, oh well…back to drinking tap water! im fucking fortunate and ive seen some beautiful things (watching my mom pass was one of them) but i have panic attacks before i go to sleep and all i want is for someone to rub my fucking tummy!!

    if i had to take a math class i would die…im not kidding. i really cant add 4 +8 and the thought of trying to learn that shit over is depressing. there was a reason i gave mr. davila head so i could pass geometry….

    sometimes i look at mickey rourke’s face, and i feel much better about myself…things could be worse.

  2. ahahahahah yes! Mickey Rourke’s face should make EVERYONE feel better.

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