“Politicians are like diapers, they both need changing regularly and for the same reason.”

Our non-Berkeley readers may want to skip this post.

Despite what my history might imply, I tend to ignore the happenings of student government here at Berkeley (my tenure as a senator imbued me with many things, the least of which was confidence in the ASUC).  In my experience, the politics of politics emboldens the misinformed and confounds the well-intentioned.  As an organization, the ASUC wields incredible amounts of power, but I’ve too often seen that power squandered by petty rivalries (which by all accounts are completely arbitrary).  Basically, I’d rather remove my spleen with a spoon than indulge the whimsies of the megalomaniacs that populate the ASUC.

Yet, in complete defiance of my predispositions, I feel compelled to offer my support to the newly released Student Action executive slate.  Straight up, these folks are the shit.  My personal and professional histories with these candidates make me certain of their excellence.  I truly believe that if any student leaders are capable of turning the tide of hypocrisy and self-exception that plagues the ASUC it’s Will, Tu, Dani, and John.


I apologize for the snark-break (more boozy humor to come, I promise!) but I really believe that the current economic climate necessitates an earnest evaluation of the system and those at its helm.  As students we’re investors in the ASUC, and amidst huge budget cuts and declining student life, every penny of our investment should be spent wisely.  We don’t have the time or money for partisanship, the ASUC should dispatch its resources through well-reasoned policies that truly represent student voices.  The assholes in charge must understand the meaning of effective student representation.

Despite my cynicism about campus politics, I stand resolute in my support for this slate because I know that these four students understand the gravity of this moment and they can (and will) bring smart government to the ASUC.  These are the assholes I want in charge.

Now back to funny shit:


One response to ““Politicians are like diapers, they both need changing regularly and for the same reason.”

  1. really, lazy town again….we’re BACK on it?

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