The days have been MAGIC.

So…a couple really magical things have happened to me the past few days and I wanted to share them with you.  They’ve been marinating in my brain and really have been grouped together as something beautiful.  Rare experiences happening ad neuseum blah blah…:

1. Went to the Castro for the first time on wednesday (crazy, i know) for Booty Call.  Got drunk, per usual.  And then when I reached the cusp, that wasted cusp where you know a 3rd long island ice is a bad idea…i turn around to find this gorgeous face looking my way

Yup, that’s my husband.  Dustin Lance Black, academy award winning screenwriter and total dream boat was standing right in front of me and I’M HOLDING A LONG ISLAND ICE TEA IN A FUR COAT WITH GLITTER ON MY FACE.  Why couldn’t I have run into him at a book store.  I must’ve looked like an idiot.  Still magic though.


2.  Woke up at 9 AM to head to the Castro for the second time since living here to do a photoshoot.  The photoshoot ended up being IN the Castro Theater with a young musician from the SF/Bay Area named Rupa who has a band called Rupa and the April Fishes. She makes beautiful music and is being featured in 7×7’s best of issue.  Her favorite thing to do in San Francisco at night is go watch David Hegarty play the organ at the Castro Theater.  He’s been playing for 31 years, she wore a beautifully delicate Rodarte Cocktail dress.  So at 11 am I was given a private organ performance in the truly epic Castro theater.  MAGIC.

3.  Headed to the Fillmore to lurk around Harputs but first went to meet Ruth Dewson.  She designed and made THIS.  No, she did not make Aretha Franklin she was not Aretha’s mom.  She made the EPIC HAT.   And just like Aretha she was big, black and wonderful.  Black Magic.

4.  Finally Ended up at Harputs where Rachel cajoled the gentle owner Gus to give me a new pair of shoes.  Before gus opened Harputs, his family owned and ran an Adidas sneaker store for 30 years.  He told me to “go upstairs and find an old pair I liked”.  I proceeded to go a wooden staircase and through a thin white curtain hanging in a doorway that lead to a massive storage space filled with thousands of sneakers.  Adidas, Pumas, Reeboks, Nikes that dated back to 3 decades ago.  I was among the shoes my father spent his life wearing.  Campuses and Gazelles from the 80’s.  I called my father and told him where I was and he was touched.  I wish he could have been there.  I couldn’t find anything I felt comfortable taking so Gus insisted that I take a blue leather pair of LeCoq Sportifs that I’ll NEVER wear until I have the courage to put together a rainbow outfit worthy of these kicks.  Magic Magic Magic.

5.  That same night I went to the CCA graduates fashion show.  Afterwards I drank myself into a really gay stupor.  I hailed a cab down to head to like, my 5th destination of the night.  I stepped in the cab and was met with christmas lights that adorned the seats of the cab and mini posters of our taxi driver.  He was a jazz musician on the side, who sang songs about ex girlfriends and STDs and it was actually really good.  He gave us a live performance full out for our drunk asses and it was really fucking crazy.  I had a serious moment of drop jawed amazement for another San Francisco surprise.


So if you look for it, you’ll find the magic everywhere and in everyone. 

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