That Xanax was working until she heard the sentencing and was like “UH ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”   Bitch was SHOCKED, and AWED!

My favorite is “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” and then the drop jaw when she hears about in-patient treatment!  SOBER FOR HOW LONG??? NAH AH GIRL!  NAH AH!

One response to “BEG BITCH, BEG!!!!

  1. michellefrommadison

    Lindsay wins again. How is that Justice after making so many violations, getting a 90 day sentence that she will only serve a fraction of, and she will be out selling more books and movie deals over this latest conviction. She made a mockery of the criminal justice system at tax-payers expense. Just pathetic, imo, not by Lindsay, but pathetic of the court system. Lindsay wins big time on this one.

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