Enough is enough…

This really is too bad.  And when I say “too bad”  I mean it’s too bad that she didnt topple forward from the weight of her silicon infants resting on her ribcage before she opened that fuzzy tongued mouth of hers.  It’s too bad that she is so fucking high, chain smoking like a smokestack all the time that her singing sounds like a retarded child crooning in their sleep.

Enough is enough Amy, I used to LIVE for you.  You were a singer unlike any other, you’re lyricism was unparalleled, you’re feelings, experiences and life were the material for some of the most uncompromisingly emotional music I’ve even heard or related to.  You have an obligation to your audience, to the world to share your brilliance, so why do you insist on letting us down?  I beg you, put the needle/pill bottle/WD-40 down for long enough to write down what the fuck has happened to you in the past year and a half.  Let Mark Ronson or whoever figure out the melodies and shit…show up to the studio, drink a glass of maple syrup and sing for us.  Make us cry, make US feel like we’ve been in a black tar induced haze for the past year.  Whisk us away with something audible, something in a language that isnt the native tongue of Helen Keller…please…I BEG OF YOU

One response to “Enough is enough…

  1. please, please please amy, come back to the dancing with us in the roosevelt days

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