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Here I am LOOK AT ME.

Was gonna try and re-introduce myself but nothing’s changed. Still living for pop music. Still trying to feel famous, more of this has begun to come from inside of me. Getting older means getting braver, and feeling more entitled…which is always a good thing. Here’s what you should be getting blackout wasted to:




A couple for the end of the night when you’re crying and the only cowboy hat in the place has found its way to your head 😦


That’s all, ill be back soon 😛

Maybe I’m alone…

But is anyone else pretending to like Taylor Swift right now?  I can’t decide if I’m actually enjoying her music or if I’m just participating in some national crush we have on this girl.  Here’s my issue, I dont mind her…she seems like SUCH a sweet girl but I just don’t think her voice is powerful or special enough.  I’m gonna get shot for this post.